Yes! You never know Who is behind that cute nice photo on a social network OR dating site! And You're also not the first or last that can be scammed on sites like that!
Sometimes you don't wanna give your Skype, MSN or Email before you know that person better! And here's where ChatME Total Private comes in.
It's realy hard to fake with a webcam, Here you can check if the person is real OR fake!

Easier Than, Skype!

It's not only Easier but also safer and faster there's no need to store passwords or enter your email, it's P2P browser to browser!
WebRTC works on your PC, Laptop, Tablet and SmartPhone by using latest Google, Mozilla and Opera browsers

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100% FREE NO Sign Up!

WebRTC is free, and enables web browsers Google, Mozilla and Opera with Real-Time high quality Communications via (RTC) capabilities Just using simple JavaScript. The WebRTC components have been optimized to the best Safe & Secure serve for this purpose.

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100% Safe & Secure

Our mission: To bring high quality, 100% Safe & Secure RTC applications to your browser via simple JavaScript APIs and HTML5.
WebRTC is supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera. The WebRTC page is maintained by the Google Chrome team.

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FireFox TO Chrome.
This will blow your mind.

(WebRTC) Inspiring the future and connecting the world for FREE.
Nothing to install ChatME Total Private runs direct in your browser.
Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera “all you need is a webcam”
You can make long distance video calls without time any limits.
Safari and IE does not support WebRTC (jet!)
Our goal is to bring Joy, Fun while keep things safe & free.

OMG Oh yeah, it's that good. "Yess really"
See for yourself.

Real-Time high quality, Easy to use, Extremely safe, No sign up!
Just give him or her your temporary secret key and room url.
You can talk privately before you meet someone.
Check if there's chemistry or Romantic between the two of you!.
You can use it For fun, for your own protection and your business.
You can combine this with all social networks and dating sites
And best off all it's 100% FREE.

And lastly, Your biggest dream in life (live).
You Gona Love This.

We really hope that someday...
A lot of people can tell Amazing success stories about this.
And that they never forget the first day on ChatME Total Private
That they found the best relationship of their lives on ChatME Total Private
(in love, in business OR both)